Corporate Governance

The Company’s Corporate Governance Guidelines adopted by the Board of Directors provide transparency and visibility to our employees and shareholders on the role and operation of the Board of Directors, director eligibility requirements, committee structure and other corporate governance matters. The information available will help our employees and stockholders to better understand our corporate governance structure and procedures. Imperative Departments and Strategic Business Units (SBUs) propelled by a governance model that aligns the appropriate corporate governance, management structures and processes required to manage the Company.

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The Board of Directors of HSCL recognizes the importance of strong corporate governance as a means of addressing the various needs of the Company’s shareholders, employees, customers and other stakeholders. As a result, the Board of Directors has adopted a good number of guidelines which, together with the Company’s organizational structure (depicted by the schematic that follows), committee charters and other key governance practices and policies, provide the framework for the Company’s corporate governance.

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