Strategic Core

Our Strategic Core
Following the huge potentials and opportunities inherent in the Nigerian and African healthcare industry, Horizon Supply Chain Limited strategic core is driven by the desire to become not only one of the leading brands in Nigeria but also in the whole of Africa. Hence, the company has been built on the following mission, vision and strategic objectives.


Horizon Supply Chain Limited business definition


To emerge as a leader in the integrated pharmaceuticals business by continually achieving and surpassing the highest standards in quality health care products and services, and sustainable development through best practices. 

To have visible positive impact on the procurement/delivery of world class health care products and services through the utilization of cost effective, innovative and appropriate technology, while ensuring adequate returns to stakeholders”


Strategic Objectives


  • To continuously focus on achieving excellence and leadership through the highest standards of quality across all functions of our organization
  • To ensure a safe and healthy environment for all personnel and maintain a healthy relationship with regulatory agencies and harmony with the natural environment
  • To be devoted to our values in integrity, transparency and responsible corporate citizenship along all facets of our value chain
  • To recruit, train and retain the highest caliber of professionals in the industry
  • To ensure the well being of the community by effectively fulfilling social responsibilities.
  • To provide our services reliably and cost effectively, whilst also addressing the need for simplicity.
  • To aggressively capture and consistently increase market share in Nigeria and eventually the whole of Africa
  • To be the best in service delivery and customer relationship management


Core Values
Horizon Supply Chain Limited’s core values (CHAIN) have the following components:


To be committed to customer satisfaction and quality service even in the face of significant odds as well as staying through to the Company’s goals and objectives. Conscious efforts to develop deep relationships with all stake holders e.g. Government, Regulatory Agencies, Staff as well as other stakeholders in the healthcare industry.


To consistently seek and speak the truth. Having a lifestyle without lying, cheating, stealing or other forms of deception. Also a passion to say what we mean and do what we say, while keeping within the ambit of the law and acceptable public policy. This value will find expression in the following ways through the behaviour of the Company and its staff:  

  • The Company will eschew falsehood
  • The Company will embrace due process and transparency in all its business processes



  • To face difficult situations with confidence and determination
  • Standing up for one’s convictions when conscience demands


Realizing the intrinsic and extrinsic rewards of putting forth efforts to achieve personal goals. A drive to consistently perform in excess of expectations of customers and stakeholders, as well as in excess of the performance of peers. This will find expression in areas such as;

  • o Quality of services and attitude to clients
  • o Staff character, appearance and elocution


In carrying out our assigned responsibilities as well as in identifying new courses of action and taking initiative. Addressing common problems with “outside the box” solutions underpinned by the philosophy that no idea is stupid!